IVM gives the Italian Agencies a preview of the ‘GREEN POINT’ project. The event represents the first stage of a route that will involve the entire national and international territory with meetings organised for dealers looking to present what IVM has termed “a new way of considering the office”. The extended, fully-renovatedCattaneo9 showroom is the chosen backdrop for the meetings, providing a perfect example of the new IVM design philosophy.
Enrico Vergani _ IVM’s General Manager, and Stefano Forlani_ Sales Manager_ have therefore chosen to stress the continuous effort made by the company and its constant commitment to the search for a new way to face up to demand, design and negotiations, but above all a new proactive language, which is also, indeed mainly, not only verbal.
Great attention was paid by everyone to a program that is bursting with commercial proposals and content, with a view to ensuring an increasingly complete, innovative and effective presence of the company “alongside its commercial partners”.
The talk by Professor Marco Aurelio Sisti of the SDA-Bocconi University proved to be particularly popular, with his in-depth examination on the subject of the evolution of the role of the seller: from transactional sales to relational sales.

IVM_a project in constant growth