IVM producer of GREEN ENERGY

IVM producer of GREEN ENERGY. Officially opened in June, the PHOTOVOLTAIC system positioned on the roof of the Lissone production plant consists of 3,600 polycrystalline panels with an installed power of 880 kWp.
The company thus becomes self-sufficient in terms of energy, thanks to an annual production of around 900,000 kWh, saving emissions of 480,000 kg of CO2 that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere.

An investment of 2,500,000 euros representing yet another important achievement by the historic Brianza-based company, which has always paid great attention to protecting the environment thanks to a management system able to “control” the environmental impact of its activities and to systematic research focused on improving them. IVM believes, in fact, that the growth of a company also involves constant improvements to keep it in line with National and European Regulations.

And please remember that IVM uses panels that are marked EPFS, and therefore with the lowest emission of formaldehyde, one of the most common slow-release interior pollutants and one that can contaminate the working environment, namely the place we spend most time in. A fundamental choice in protecting health too.
In conclusion, we embrace these choices knowingly, and at the same time propose a business that is appreciated for the quality of its product, design and competitiveness.

IVM, a project in constant growth.