First meeting in 2012 for the “GREEN POINT” project…

The presentation of the “GREEN POINT” project starts up again with even more energy.
Many of the Italian Dealers attended the first of the meetings scheduled for 2012_ 17/18 January_ at the usual place, Cattaneo9 in Lissone.

IVM has taken the initiative to highlight a programme bursting with content… “A new way of considering the office“, introduced in the presentations given by Enrico Vergani, IVM’s General Manager and Stefano Forlani, Sales Manager, with Professor Marco Aurelio Sisti of the SDA-Bocconi University providing greater detail with a talk on the subject of “Value-based competition”.

Much attention is also being paid to the web marketing strategy hinging on the design of the GREEN PHILOSOPHY website.
A web platform for a network that IVM defines as “the value chain“.

Supporting all of this, a video called “IVM-OUR GREEN PHILOSOPHY” will be available as a preview for download from the video section of the GREEN website.