IVM MEETING with the Agencies for Italy

IVM MEETING with the Agencies for ITALY _ The impact of the new Cattaneo9 area was particularly powerful and exciting: THE IDEAS LABORATORY. After the SOUND EXPERIENCE – a space dedicated to the concept of acoustic comfort – there is now a space dedicated to IVM’s ability to re-interpret mass-produced products for “customised” large orders. And so the company continues their investments in concepts that promote “project quality”. The new executive work environment ATHOS was presented, a product ‘designed ad hoc’ to emphasize the exclusive nature of the PRIMOFIORE LEATHER laminate, where shapes, materials and technology come together in harmony. The details of IVM’s other exclusive for the office sector were also specified: LIGHTWALL, the illuminated partition that revolutionizes dividing and equipped partitions, adaptable to any need, with a powerful visual and communicative impact. New spaces, new themes and strategies, exclusive finishes… passion and enthusiasm to overcome “new challenges.”