New finishes and new design options for New Loop

Dear Customer,
we are pleased to inform you that the LOOP executive collection has been updated with new finishes and new design options.
You can find the dedicated catalogue on our site and download the corresponding price list from the reserved area.
The main innovations of NEW LOOP are:
– addition of DARK BROWN ELM LAMINATE and GLOSS WHITE LACQUER for the finish (WALNUT VENEER confirmed – WENGÉ eliminated)
– addition of the MATTE BRONZE LACQUER finish for the loop frames (can be matched with Elm Laminate and Walnut Veneer tops) MATTE BLACK finish confirmed (can be matched with all the finishes available for tops)
– optimisation of the STRUCTURAL ELEMENT, making the desk version more competitive.
The new element has an aesthetic / structural function.
It can no longer hold the CPU. It can be accessorised with pen tray.
– addition of STORAGE UNITS (with BRIDGE FRAME)
Find out more about new LOOP on the IVM Office site

New LOOP on our Web Site