Over 70 architects attended the workshop organised by IVM in the inspiring company showroom _CATTANEO9_ in collaboration with Infoprogetto. Massimiliano Fadin started off with a presentation of innovative solutions for office-space design. He then introduced speakers on a variety of other topics. Giovanni Caggiano, Sales Manager at IVM, presented “LIGHTWALL”, the illuminated partition that will revolutionise the system of dividing and equipped partitions, and “PRIMOFIORE”, a special laminate finish which is produced using a technique that renders it ‘three-dimensional’ to the touch. Exclusive and innovative products from IVM in the office sector. Emanuele Montanelli discussed “The Evolution of Display Space Design”, demonstrating the transformation of the IVM display space over time. Massimiliano Ferrari from Studio Ferrari Associati, on the other hand, dealt with monetary matters: “the Financial Statements” and “Management Control”.
In the second half of the event, Riccardo Raimondi _Sales Manager for Tarkett_ moved on to “Flooring and Acoustic Comfort”, commenting on the use of “acoustic” flooring when designing work places and other spaces. Libero Gregoletto, Chariman and CEO of Luxy, focused on the problem of “Chair Ergonomics”, while Adriano Maci, Acoustic Engineer for Fonology, ended the day with “Acoustics for Different Areas of Our Lives”.
IVM would like to thank the speakers and those attending for their contribution and participation.

Watch the videos:
“Il Benessere applicato al sistema ufficio” _ 19-02-2015
Intervista a Enrico Vergani _General Manager IVM_ 19-02-2015
Intervista a Giovanni Caggiano _ Direttore Commerciale Italia_ 19-02-2015