Sistema Ponte for I-Bench

The I_BENCH 2016 price list is available.

The main innovation is the addition of the BRIDGE SYSTEM for I_BENCH, in order to provide an increasingly complete offer, for a desking system that draws attention to the design and functional aspects.

For the I_Bench bridge we have adopted the same configuration as the bridge in the INTEGRATED DESKING SYSTEMS.

The only difference is that the finish of the BRIDGE SHELF (50 mm thick with Brill profile) in this price list is the same as the DESKTOPS rather than the bridge structure.

This ensures that the desktop and the bridge shelf have a matching aesthetic, a particularly effective feature with PRIMOFIORE tops, one of the most popular finishes in the IVM catalogue.

The finishes available for the BRIDGE structure are WALNUT, WENGÈ, IVORY and the new entry, CEMENT RENDER EFFECT finish that boosts the “non-standard” concept for office furniture, exclusive to all the IVM listings.

The I_BENCH system innovations are completed by the MAGNETIC GLASS SCREEN, which gives this desking design the added value of fine aesthetics