IVM inaugurates its new showroom in Friuli

Global and territorial. IVM is a leader in Italian-made office furniture, present in more than 60 countries around the world. It is continuing its investments and innovation plan with the launch of its new showroom in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A place for interaction closely connected with a fertile territory full of opportunities, which underscores the company’s capacity to be in the front line in both international markets and in strategic areas of Italy.

Because for IVM, being a “Made in Italy” company means much more than just representing our product identity. More than anything else, it is the capacity to express our endless and multifaceted national identity. It is covering the territory with attention and determination by means of a team of specialist professionals and office spaces that express all the value of IVM.

“We are continuing along the path of growth and value,” said Enrico Vergani, CEO of the IVM group, “because we believe that a company like ours must be able to grasp the opportunities of the international scene and make the most of the territorial specifics at the same time. We are well aware that ongoing product innovation in terms of technology, design and material must be accompanied by constant investments in the value of service, assistance, professional and human dealings. We have to be where our clients require our physical, direct and prompt presence”.

IVM, close to the territory

Indeed, being directly and promptly present in an area like Friuli Venezia Giulia means being able to rely on staff members who operate and are in touch with local companies and all the stakeholders in the territory. “I lead a team of technical engineers, designers and fitters,” explains Dennis Fasiolo, Sales&Business Manager and manager of the Friuli branch, “that works hand-in-hand with all the local contacts. We strive to give as much advice and operational support as possible to fully meet our customers’ needs. More than ever before, clients who come to us with a dream they hope to bring to life want someone to listen to them and want to be pleasantly surprised. And we know they won’t be disappointed”.

Right now, the IVM team has an edge over the competition. Corporate premises where customers can actually get hands-on experience of the quality of the furniture, grasp the IVM design philosophy and draw inspiration from the discovery of materials and finishes.

The Friuli showroom is a little gem of design very close to Udine, the most recent of many flags that the Brianza-based company is raising to cover strategic areas. In addition to the extraordinary space in the Lissone headquarters, IVM is officially present with its flagship showrooms in Agno-Lugano, London, Dubai and Tunis.

Find out all the details on the page dedicated to the new IVM in Friuli Venezia Giulia.