A new “LANGUAGE” for office projects – IVM meets the Italian Dealers

The first set of meetings with Dealers organised by IVM to introduce the ambitious new direction it has taken ended on 28 November.

In this direction, design and digital technology come together with innovative solutions that embrace new technologies, the Internet of Things, ergonomics, services, changing needs, wellbeing and comfort, and new experiences for living the office life.

These principles of transformation have given rise to new products:

  • The STILO and TABULA desking systems, designed by PERIN&PARTNERS;
  • The revolutionary FUNNY SAT Reception&Desk, designed by the architect, Stefano BIGI;
  • The MEETING ROOM, an IVM R&D concept that mixes and matches technology, acoustic comfort and design versatility.

To support all of this, the screen preview of the video “IOT IVM Office Technology

The smart LLOYD Executive system designed by the architect, Giorgio TOPAN and the MICHELI SPACE focusing on the ICON Concept – designed for IVM by the architect, Simone Micheli were also presented.

IVM is, therefore, firmly established as a proactive and dynamic company that is well ahead of the times. It has what it takes to support its partners at every stage of the project through a “new language” – a logical synthesis and blend of shapes, colours and materials.