#IVM is becoming increasingly more Social: start following us!

Digitalisation and Innovation are among the values that are the driving force behind our daily actions and represent the impetus at the basis of the “IVM project” itself. For this very reason, as from today, we will also pay much more attention to the social media.

In fact, as from this month, the latest news from the IVM world will also be communicated through our active social channels:

  • Facebook, on which we have been present for a few years now, will become a true and proper means of communication as well as a place in which it will be possible to chat with our community.
  • We opened our Instagram page only a few days ago as a new social channel, always with our spirit of innovation, with an eye on the future, will enable us to promote our philosophy, projects and exclusive products even further.
  • As LinkedIn, is a platform especially designed to target the world of professionals, it will contain contents associated with our operational projects as well as the innovative elements of our approach.

In order to stay up-to-date on the latest news from the  world of Office Design & Technology with IVM, follow us on our official Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn: See you online!