Brivaplast gives its new headquarters a makeover and opts for IVM solutions

A “global” contribution for an office space of more than 1200 square metres, reflecting the keywords of “team effort”, “identity” and “customisation”

Brivaplast is one of the leading global companies in the manufacture and complete packaging of brushes and applicators for the cosmetics industry. It is based in Ornago, in the province of Monza & Brianza and it opted for IVM’s Made in Italy solutions for the complete makeover of its offices.

The total operation covered about 1200 square metres and the keyword was “team effort” between all the stakeholders – the client and IVM, in collaboration with its local dealer – who all worked side-by-side to implement this major operation. The designers themselves referred to the operation as “global” because of the cross-cutting and complex measures that encompassed the entire building.

Still, “identity” and “customisation” are also part of the word play.

This is because the concept was converted into made to measure solutions so as to ensure that the new headquarters would express the brand identity of Brivaplast. For this purpose, IVM proposed and crafted tailor-made solutions, striving to give substance and depth to the client’s ideas and requirements.

Lots of pieces in a large design puzzle, focusing on the essence of a company that is very attentive to the style and well-being of its employees. It found a proactive and attentive point of contact in IVM (parent company and dealer partner) – one that was able to develop an innovative and exclusive space, driven by design and finishes, and set off by cutting-edge technology.

An environment where light and shapes mark new boundaries and where the project’s dominant colour palette of white, black, grey and red expresses the identity of this international brand.

Take a look through the gallery to see the striking results and substance of the project.



IVM Project Manager: Alessandro Guzzetti
Office furniture – partitions – contract: IVM
IVM Project  Partner: Ricerche d’Habitat
Photos: Eugenio Luti