Corriere del Ticino chooses IVM for the restyling of its historical headquarters

Corriere del Ticino chooses IVM for the restyling of its historical headquarters

A tailor-made project that brings together the online and offline needs of a contemporary newspaper office

Corriere del Ticino is a Swiss daily newspaper published in Italian and a fixture for the Ticino Canton. A cutting-edge newspaper poised to overcome the new challenges of cross-media information, capable of seizing all the opportunities of the digital world and at the same time fully embracing the value of the printed newspaper.

It recently refitted its Muzzano headquarters to address the contemporary panorama in the best possible way and to give new impetus to its internal organisation, particularly its online and offline editorial offices. The Italian-made products by IVM, with the full organisational and logistical strength of IVM Office International, Switzerland, played a key role in this exceptional project.

The approximately 1200-square-metre operation mainly involved the total restyling of the building’s first floor, which houses more than 90 journalists, office workers and other strategic departments of the newspaper. IVM Office International designed the whole project, endeavouring to interpret to the highest standard the multi-faceted needs of this high-calibre newspaper.

Underpinning the whole project is the desire to place web editing at the centre of the space and to have all the other newspaper areas gravitating around this. The idea is to set up a strong bond and close collaboration between offline and online teams. A large @-shaped crown marks the space reserved for the digital team; the rest of the editorial staff can interact with them in real time.

This spatial pattern called for extensive customisation, an outstanding design that could then come together in every detail: from floors to plasterboard, from furnishings to partition walls (linear and curved), from false ceilings to seating.

The photos clearly show this overarching theme and some of the other fine features of the intervention, in the context of the spaces for interaction, as well as the meeting and breakout areas.

Newspaper offices also need excellent acoustics and this was another key part of the project. Sound absorbing panels were used both in the communal spaces and in the phone booths, counterbalancing the acoustic effects and guaranteeing privacy where necessary.

Client: Corriere del Ticino
Project e D.L.: Arch. Alessandro Guzzetti | Arch. Johnny Vaccaro
IVM Project Partner: IVM Office International SA
Furniture|Partitions |Contract: IVM Office S.p.A.
Photo: Beppe Raso