IVM in the front line for the new PICCINI PAOLO SpA headquarters

Design and furnishings for the new 1,600-square metre headquarters



A location that expresses the corporate image and identity, that can communicate the vision of a future-oriented organisation ready to face the new competitive challenges and to make room for and empower the entire work team.


This was the brief of PICCINI PAOLO SpA – a company specialising in the distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels – to IVM, commissioned to design the company’s new headquarters in the province of Arezzo: a project with a total area of 1,600 square metres.


IVM was tasked with designing furnishings and walls.

The particular curved-glass wall arrangement is the key feature of our exclusive design, an example of versatility and the ultimate in customisation, the hallmarks of our brand, internationally recognised in the area of Made in Italy office furniture.

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Committente: Piccini Paolo S.p.A.
Progetto: Ark Project Camaiti
Pareti: IVM
Arredi: IVM
Photo: Studio Controluce