Corporate business communication

Dear friends and dear partners

Given the current circumstances, with the situation evolving so suddenly and unpredictably, we find ourselves needing to communicate our position clearly and promptly.

1) IVM is not stopping! Our organization is operational and functional, equipped to handle the programming in place and structured to best meet the various needs coming from the diverse markets. We can meet every operational and design request – as usual, as always. At the same time, we are making sure we protect workers and comply with health and safety regulations.

2) IVM is a symbol of the Made in Italy brand. We believe in the excellence, creativity, and power of the values that have always made our brand and Italy stand out as leaders in the design sector. The challenging situation does not erode our identity, our spirit, our values that represent the indissoluble pillars of our mindset and how we operate. All over the world.

3) IVM is looking ahead. During this period, and now more than ever, we are working on our future. We are building more new solutions, designing new tools, creating the conditions to imagine the office of tomorrow: even more technological, even smarter, even closer to the needs of constantly developing companies that are also providers of new systems of personal and work relations.

We are looking ahead without closing our eyes to the complexity of the present situation. Looking ahead is a duty but it is more than just that, it’s an opportunity. We’re here, we believe.


So, we look forward to seeing you in June 2020 for the launch of our NEW PROPOSALS:

  • EXECUTIVE SYSTEM: height adjustable _ the perfect key player in the new VISION of the management environment. A project designed for IVM by Robin Rizzini
  • DOMINO SHELVING SYSTEM: multipuropose, modular and reconfigurable. A solution for any environment: task _ breakout _ executive.
  • KITCHEN BLOCK: a “smart kitchen” solution for breakout areas in the office. A project by Idelfonso Colombo that combines design and function
  • PADDED LOUNGE SYSTEM: a modular system of padded seating and design side tables that can be arranged and rearranged countless times, developed by Stefano Bigi.
  • PHONE CALL: a “phone booth”, in perfect design harmony with the IVM solutions, making it the perfect accessory.
  • KIRA WALL SYSTEM: a system of partitions designed for the office of the future.


in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile furniture fair from 16_21 June