Creative and dynamic spaces for KELLIFY headquarter

“Create a dynamic space in which it’s pleasant to work”.
This is the idea of departure of the project that architect Stefano Falsini has designed for the genoese headquarters of Kellify, startup that works in the field of scalable and systematic AI.

The use of the logo as the first element visible from the entrance wants to highlight the importance that the company gives to its brand, the use of different materials, light and colors emphasizes its effect.
The operating space is divided into 32 stations with the islands working islands ARKO of IVM provided by PuntoQuattro Project Partner of IVM in Genova which allow thanks to their large dimensions and the layout of decentralized central legs, to comfortably accommodate more people depending on the needs.
The use of LOCKERS, minimal and functional allow to enhance the concept of conviviality and flexibility, in a smart optics and sharing spaces.
Project Solutions to combine the seriousness of the different markets in which the company operates, world of art, collection goods, commodity, with the smart approach that characterizes the products proposed by society.


Committente: Kellify SpA
Project and D. L.: Arch. Stephen Falsini
IVM Project Partner: PuntoQuattro Genova
Furnishing Solutions: IVM Office S.p.A.
Photo: Valentina Cosulich