Imagining and talking about office life: the launch of THINK.LAB

The official IVM blog is on the starting blocks. Information, in-depth studies and news on office “culture”

A platform for thought, a space for in-depth studies and an environment to promote reflection. These, and many others, are the key factors that have driven IVM to invest in the creation of a BLOG dedicated to office life. The title, THINK.LAB, is a promise, an expression of the essence of the project. The blog will serve as a place for encounter and for discussions on ideas, trends, interests and news in the complex world of the office. A world that, in recent years, has seen dizzying change fuelled by evolving situations, technological progress, and new dynamics governing interpersonal relationships and communication.


Companies evolve, offices evolve, and as a consequence office “culture” is also evolving. IVM is therefore eager to make its own contribution, characterised by a precise vision based on events, news and content completely detached from all commercial considerations.


The blog is set out in macro categories that will emerge progressively, ranging from technology to solutions, from sustainability to wellness, from key figures to case histories.
The launch will feature four initial themes: well-being in the office, innovation, break-time and the future of work.


All that remains is to wish everyone happy reading.