IVM Office takes centre stage at the Qatar Petroleum District

IVM Office takes centre stage at the Qatar Petroleum District
home of one of the biggest real estate development projects in the world

The QP District’s office areas will feature IVM’s Italian-made creations with 236 custom meeting tables
from the Lloyd collection to be used by middle and executive management


Located in Qatar in the Middle East, the QP District is an extraordinary first-class project on a huge scale. The total area covers 693,400m2 and comprises 345,000m2 of offices, 9,250m2 of retail space, a 65,300m2 hotel complex, an 8,000m2 Prayer Hall and a further 263,600m2 designated for other facilities.

The offices are located across nine towers ranging in height from 21 to 52 storeys, providing office space to accommodate 5,400 people.

Inside these offices there will be 236 custom meeting tables from the Lloyd Collection _design by  Studio A -Topan&Partners_  of Italian company IVM which will be used by middle and executive management.

The meeting tables will complete their journey in mid-April bringing a combination of design, technology and functionality, as requested by the guidelines for the development of the business district in Doha’s West Bay.

“The winning combination that has enabled IVM Office to be part of such an important project is made up of three elements: company, people and product,” explains Lanfranco Lanzara, Export Manager for IVM Office. “Ours is a reliable and specialized company that is capable of effectively fulfilling any requirements; the people who make up the company have the right degree of skills and professionalism to be able to handle complex projects like this one; the Lloyd collection is exemplary of the renowned high quality of Italian-made products and is admired for its design and the high-level technological aspect.”

The journey that has brought IVM into the heart of the capital of Qatar began in 2017 with the Local Project Partner. This relationship was consolidated in 2019 when representatives from the Qatar Petroleum District and the five General Contractors involved in the QP District Project visited the company and showrooms.

After getting to know IVM’s organisation, establishment and team in detail, the next step was to explore the product: the quality of the materials, the elegance of the details and finishes, the Italian-made materials, the technology and the possibility of customising the product, thus concluding the process that enabled IVM to become the supplier for all their meeting room needs.

Lloyd, the perfect blend of style, materials and technology.

Lloyd was chosen thanks to its classic and modern style, the technological aspect and the quality of the materials: high quality wood with leather in the centre of the table, as well as connectivity systems that transform the meeting room into a genuine business hub.