IVM talks with the architects about OFFICE R-EVOLUTION

We live in an era of major, unexpected changes that strike at the heart and soul of companies. Evolving competitive conditions, new organisational models, interpersonal dynamics, smart and remote working, talent empowerment are just some of the issues that affect life in the office.


On 4 November, this and much more was the topic of discussion in the showroom area of the SERENO GROUP – IVM Project Partner – in Centallo, in the Piedmont province of Cuneo. A dedicated event on the Office theme, where IVM delivered its OFFICE R-EVOLUTION speech to a large audience of architects.


The talk focused on the OFFICE OF THE FUTURE, with the aim of sparking reflection on how to better understand the situation and take a more conscious and strategic approach to imagining and designing office environments, creating new solutions and developing new product and design perspectives.


All with an innovative approach to go beyond traditional concepts based on the knowledge that people are at the centre of everything.