IVM’s “GLOBAL OFFICE” philosophy moves into Haier Europe

Open spaces, meeting rooms, executive spaces, breakout areas and shared zones.
A combination of design, colours, fabrics and materials has given the new After Sales Department offices in the Haier Europe headquarters its exclusive character.

Identity, design, comfort. These are the essential ingredients that shaped the project, starting from the client’s goal of creating an inclusive, shared physical space and workplace.

The result is an After Sales Department with completely revamped spaces, featuring solutions that seamlessly meet the different needs of the people invited to enjoy a positive experience in the office, here a place for meeting and discussion, individual and group productivity.

A project built around a “global office” concept, using a broader approach to spaces, where they mingle together, bringing into play customised solutions that give each human and functional component a specific role, a purpose.

IVM Project Manager: AG Studio di Architettura
Furnishing and Partition Solutions: IVM
Photo: Eugenio Luti