Faced with a situation where the organisational models of companies must necessarily strike a perfect balance with managing space and the system of interpersonal relations, the use of partitioning represents a pivotal element in the DESIGN of a work environment.

The “partitioning project” has always been one of IVM’s key strengths, as the company progressively developed its capacity to bring together design, technology and function, turning them into the hallmarks of its MADE IN ITALY know-how.

Drawing on this experience and on its constant innovation intended to satisfy growing DESIGN needs, IVM now introduces the new MV70 SYSTEM.

Minimalist aesthetics, acoustic performance, completely transparent surfaces and flush glazing are the main features of this new OPTION in the IVM range.


The capacity to fit out spaces, guaranteeing privacy and, at the same time, boosting visual communication between areas, is developed with two different versions:


  • MV70 1V single-glazed partitioning system, available in the central single-glazed or lateral single-glazed position inside the frame.
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To complement the system, the head channel can be integrated into the ceiling, for a sleek, visually striking design.

In the knowledge that organisation, flexibility and efficiency are fundamental to the design of work spaces, the MV70 partitioning system represents yet another step forward, guaranteeing a comfortable, elegant and functional work environment, while also fostering productivity and well-being.