OLMeet 2024: the “Functional Settings” of Nava+Arosio

Through the work of Nava+Arosio Studio – IVM Art Direction, IVM played a key part in the
OLMeet 2024 Convention organised by Soiel on 19 March in Milan called “Words, Images
and Suggestions for the Office of the Future”.

How can we transfer the feel of design in the home to the more public and communal
environment of the office?
” This is the question that Nava+Arosio threw down as a challenge
to rethink working environments.

Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio presented an innovative vision that redefines the
function and appearance of the work spaces
, introducing the concept of “Functional Settings
to describe a new philosophy of interior design. The aim is to transform the workplace into a vibrant,
engaging everyday experience, a feast for all senses, from sight to taste.

So IVM’s experience in designing solutions for “human centred” spaces now joins
the artistic vision of Nava+Arosio.


The approach of IVM and Nava+Arosio focuses on adapting the comfort and intimacy of home
design to the more varied and dynamic context of the office