Solutions with character at SPACEforYOU, an exclusive co-working space in Monza.

Zones for individual and group productivity.

Work areas for productive meetings and discussion.

Creatively bringing together design, materials and technology.


These are the key concepts for the SPACEforYOU project, referring to everything that is not strictly a desk but rather to a design model that focuses specifically on the wellbeing of people. 


The objective of the project was to create an inclusive work space, one where people can share but also have privacy, a space that communicates and thrives on technology, innovation, comfort, quality and design.

Objective accomplished through the “GLOBAL” design culture,
interpreted in SPACEforYOU with:

Basic Workstations – in an open space for everyone who has made “Less is more” their philosophy
Equipped Workstations – in an open space but designed for people who appreciate organisation, convenience and comfort
Meeting Rooms – seating 4 to 12 people with technological and/or analogue supplements
Standing call areas – for unscheduled calls and no meeting rooms booked!
RelaxationLunchGaming zones – where you can relax, take a break, and just zone out
Podcast rooms – for completely private recordings and guaranteed acoustic comfort
Learning Rooms – for training courses
Auditorium – for business conferences and events.

So with the unfolding of a new perspective, the Project meets and satisfies the theme of “service”. All supplemented by new technologies and a “global” approach to design.


IVM Project Manager: AG Studio di Architettura
Furnishing, Partition and Comfort Solutions: IVM
Photo(s): Eugenio Luti