Automha’s new headquarters brings together innovation and design

Iriam Bettera Design architecture studio
selects IVM solutions to furnish Automha’s new headquarters,
which innovatively emphasises design, quality, flexibility, ergonomics and functionality.


As you enter Automha’s new 7,000 square-metre headquarters, you can’t mistake the company’s mission, because it’s written in black and white on the wall: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”, signed by Steve Jobs.

This phrase is just the start of a journey of discovery. Designed to interpret Automha’s spirit of innovation, the space is centred around the concepts of sharing and functionality. Automha is one of the world’s biggest intralogistics companies, carrying out design, manufacture and creation within this sector.

And the importance of sharing ideas and teamwork were central to architectural studio Iriam Bettera’s design philosophy when working on this space.

IVM then brought this design concept to life, introducing its high quality, tangible, minimalist and flexible solutions. Each individual space is designed to be functional and boost “wellbeing”, while also optimising space and making shared tasks more efficient. The colours of the dividers alternate in Automha’s trademark yellow and orange, while different shades of grey and taupe are used on the operational floors and cupboard doors, giving the main working area a distinctive aesthetic.

Alternating shades star once again in the configuration of the lockers, a perfect solution for safely storing personal belongings within a shared area.

Round KONO tables, minimalist and functional, bring a sleek look to the meeting rooms.
Height-adjustable tables from the HITO system complete the exclusive executive meeting rooms.

Design, quality, flexibility, ergonomics and function: pieces of one big design mosaic which together emphasise the spirit of this company which places a lot of importance on the wellbeing of its workforce.


Customer: Automha
Project: Iriam Bettera Design architecture studio
Furniture solutions: IVM
Photography: Eugenio Luti

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