Brivio&Viganò embrace design with an IVM makeover of its headquarters
A new location, new region, and new offices make for an employee-friendly space

Brivio&Viganò, one of Italy’s biggest food distribution and integrated logistics companies, has a new headquarters designed, planned and built using IVM solutions, culminating in a space that is “simple, functional and high-impact”.  The project brief.

An area of roughly 2,000 metres squared set across two floors, its spaces and smart solutions have been designed to make day-to-day work easier and enrich the working lives of its employees.

The 150 employees of this logistics hub, located in the middle of Lombardy’s main motorway network, now work in a welcoming space that responds to their needs and is perfectly organised to help them carry out their day-to-day tasks.

The colour palette lends a trademark look to all the spaces: Brivio&Viganò’s signature orange and white, which is echoed in its logo, take centre stage against the dark flooring.
IVM’s solutions are a breath of fresh air. The minimalist design, functional furniture and partition and shelved walls blend in perfectly.

The open plan office area contains 130 workstations constructed with the Arko operating system and arranged in the “shared” configuration. With its meticulous design and superb space-saving capability, the partition screen also guarantees privacy.

The seven meeting rooms are separated using the EVO single-glazed partitioning system and furnished with meeting tables from the I-Bench system.

The many employee-friendly areas include welcoming and spacious break-out areas.
Along the “perimeter” which marks the operational area, 70 metres of shelved walls finished in the project’s signature style provide a well-organised filing system.

The result of genuine teamwork between the client, architecture practice, and IVM. As the various stakeholders worked together to create a space for a new generation, the buzzword was “synergy”.



Customer: Brivio&Viganò
Project: AG _Studio di Architettura
Furniture-Partitioning-Contract: IVM
Photography: Eugenio Luti

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