Office wellbeing puts people at the heart of every choice,
even when it’s time to take a break.

We spend a lot of our daily life at the office.

We look forward to taking a break from our work and it’s important to spend it in the right place.
With its minimalist but functional design, COOKING has impressive visual impact.

It blends in easily with the entire IVM range, both in terms of style and colour palette, the culmination of a well-rounded design philosophy that is redefining the world of work.

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Office solutions for meeting spaces, break out areas, and zones for high-focus work.
Business performance is increasingly linked to employee wellbeing. It is also important to make it easier for workers to interact with their office spaces in new ways.
There is now a need for spaces where employees can easily work and move freely between high-focus work zones, meeting spaces and break out areas.

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