ESEDRA reception area created to decorate and welcome with personality

Elegant counter panels, practical worktops, colourful glass surfaces, handy end units and refined design give shape to the ESEDRA collection, a reception area created to decorate and welcome with personality.
Color becomes design, with the possibility to personalize the area as you prefer using diverse chromatic combinations… combining Wengè counter frame panels with the counter panel in Bleached Oak, the ivory finish with green gloss lacquered details or the Wengè with elegant red gloss lacquer, completing the powerful aesthetic impact with a top in lacquered glass, available in the colors Extralight White, Mocha or Red, or more simply with a top in Wengè or Bleached Oak.
Not a single detail has been left to chance… shapes and contours offer a palette of combinations that turn waiting areas into environments with guaranteed aesthetic impact. This evolution continues in design, and constant research for maximum expressions of style and quality.
Technology applied to the product: the result is a winning project that completes the IVM range of products.

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The office of the reception environment is the company, and is one of the first areas in which people come into contact. It is vital that it is a place that can communicate acceptance, without neglecting important aspects such as professionalism, design, quality and harmony of lines. The solutions designed by IVM for implemented pointing office of furnishing elements that give added value to the visitor, without neglecting important aspects for people working in this area, as an organization and functionality.

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