By consciously using light we can foster improved concentration,
safety and efficiency in the workplace. This premise sets the scene
for the LUCERNA by IVM project that can integrated into the
STILO and TABULA desking systems.

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Human Centric Lighting

The LUCERNA lights are fitted with high quality LEDs and
Goodlight electronics, which guarantee the effectiveness of
the biological light.  They also have provision for:

– manual adjustment to change light intensity to warm tones;

– manual adjustment to change light intensity to cool tones;

– numerous variations of luminous intensity.


The right light at the right time

The lights integrated into the workstations provide overhead light
to the desk from a height of 80 cm. The floor lamp version lights
the workstation from a maximum height of 195 cm, all providing
the same even light.

 The standard version includes 10 light intensity adjustment levels
for warm white light and 10 for cool white light, which can be mixed
for 100 possible options.

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Gianantonio Perin was born in Oderzo, Italy in 1957. He graduated in architecture from the IUAV University of Venice and trained professionally in office design. In 1991, he established Perin&Topan, the studio where he collaborated with the most successful manufacturers in the field and received numerous national and international prizes and awards, including Best of Show at the Neocon in Chicago for his Pamplona chair. After building a successful professional career and maturity, the desire to continue with design research.

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