1920x450-230721-MV70_Semiambientata generale_1v

MV70 1V single-glazed partitioning system

MV70 1V is a SINGLE-GLAZED partitioning system which, thanks to its versatility,
can meet all the needs of workspace division.

The top channel can be integrated into the ceiling, for a sleek design with an impressive visual impact.
Dual solution available:  central single-glazed or lateral single-glazed inside the frame.


MV70 1V single-glazed partitioning system - Skills

230721_IVM_MV70_2V_Porta battente vetro singolo1x1


230727_IVM_MV70_dettaglio_1V_profilo incassato_angolo 901x1

Central 1V ceiling integration

230727_IVM_MV70_dettaglio_1VL_profilo incassato_angolo 901x1

Lateral 1V ceiling integration

230721_IVM_MV70_1VL_Giunto Parete Cieca_Vetrata

Boiserie integration

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