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Cattaneo9 is the IVM Office Showroom, which allows visitors to personally see the quality of our office furniture, the creativity, professionalism and experience gained in 70 years of activity in the sector.


A beautiful location built on what was IVM’s first production site in Lissone, which maintains the original architecture and integrates and displays the collections with great impact. A true itinerary covering 3,000 sq.m. that “exhibits” the company’s design philosophy, a new way of looking at the office.

A place where beauty prevails in the layout of the spaces designed according to an innovative philosophy of integration between the finishes and colours, quality and material research.

IVM Office has created a Sound Experience inside Cattaneo9, the first-ever interactive showroom in Italy dedicated to acoustic comfort. Its sleek aesthetics draw visitors into the space, which features illuminating cylinders, metaphor of a virtual forest, with running water inside that generates the changing perceptions of “sound” in relation to the different materials used to coat the actual cylinders (Plexiglas, plaster, rubber, cork and metal).

This emotional journey leads us into the heart of the Sound Experience: four box-like offices with different absorption ratings according to the development solutions chosen. But, that’s not all. Visitors to Via Carlo Cattaneo 9 in Lissone are immersed into a real design experience, in contact with the true standard of Italian office furniture and all the innovative partition walls or storage units or actual furniture and furnishings.

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