28 March 2024

Design for rest: break rooms as a way to promote well-being in the office

An office break is not just an interval, it is a grand opportunity. Recent research has revealed a surprising fact; 55% of employees who take regular breaks show more enthusiasm for their work, 87% show higher professional satisfaction, with an 81% reduction in turnover rate. How can this information be applied to increase office engagement?... Read more
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12 March 2024

Artificial intelligence in office design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the office-design sector, offering advanced tools for the designing of ever-increasingly innovative and personalised workspace. This technology is allowing sector professionals to incorporate a wide range of variables into design, ranging from aesthetic to operational functionality, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of detail and precision. Various sector studies highlight the benefits and... Read more
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27 February 2024

Team-Office-building: the office on a human scale

In an era in which in-office work is increasingly shadowed by the attractiveness of remote working, the sharing, experience and serendipity typical of human interaction fortunately appear still to be intact. According to a recent study carried out in the United States, more than 94% of workers consider connection with their colleagues and the workplace... Read more
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12 January 2024

Green office culture: the impact of sustainable offices on the world of work

Promotion of a “green” oriented culture is one of the leading trends in the world of office design. A range of studies, including the one carried out by the National Education Foundation, highlight how the happiest employees are those that work in a sustainability-oriented office context and are involved in environmentally respectful initiatives. The development... Read more
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