30 September 2022

The office goes GLOBAL

The future of the office is already upon us. In the age of hybrid working, design, materials and technologies blend to form a new office concept: more open, more participatory, more collective and human centred. A GLOBAL office with no borders, with spaces designed for collaborating and creating together, sharing and interacting, from anywhere in... Read more
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22 July 2022

Great workplaces for employee engagement

Today, more than ever before, people choose to work and stay in a company context in a conscious and purposeful way, evaluating not only the organisational aspect, but also the environments, the existence of spaces where they can relax and share, and the materials used for office furniture. It is therefore necessary to promote a... Read more
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11 July 2022

Human Centred Design: how technology has changed the office

The digital acceleration seen in the post-pandemic era has had an inevitable impact on the world of office design, marking radical changes in the approach to the organisation of space. Previously “design oriented”, offices are evolving into “human centred” spaces, paving the way towards new models that focus on technology as well as on personal... Read more
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13 June 2022

Wellness office design

Flexible, shared, adaptable, innovative – the office of the future places particular focus on the themes of well-being and personal productivity. This is the new frontier of office design, which has become wellness-oriented, paving the way for new models of design that aim to promote what is known as organisational well-being. In this light, the office... Read more
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20 May 2022

Agile office for Generation Zoomer

Generation Zoomer is having an increasingly decisive impact on companies worldwide. It has been estimated that by 2025, Gen Zoomer workers will represent 27% of the workforce, 1/3 of the global total (source: Il Sole 24 Ore). A category of workers with attitudes, needs, and forms of sensitivity that are drastically different from other generations.... Read more
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05 May 2022

Identity and a sense of belonging; five creative ideas for office walls

An organised working space focused on employee well-being is essential for creating a successful business. Organise, subdivide, isolate. Welcome, group, communicate. The “open space” era has led to the need to redefine the balance between individual and shared space, combining the need for interaction with requirements of individual privacy. A fundamental role in reconfiguring space... Read more
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22 April 2022

Acoustic comfort: new office privacy solutions

In this era characterised by a sharing of space, it is increasingly important to protect the well-being of workers through the designing of areas capable of guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality. An absence of privacy is, in fact, one of the main causes of employee dissatisfaction. A study carried out by the Center for the Built Environment (CBE)... Read more
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01 April 2022

Technology and interaction: presenting Life-Based Office Design

Technology is revolutionising the world of the office, opening the path to new design approaches focusing on ‘interaction design’. Amongst these concepts, of particular interest is HTI Design (Human-technology interaction), which utilises the study of technology to provide functional design solutions, significant for people’s lives. An approach to office design in which a fundamental aspect... Read more
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18 March 2022

Shaping an ergonomic office

Management spaces and roles are changing substantially and so they have to adapt rapidly to more inclusive modes of working and more multifaceted professional approaches. The frontiers are extending and moving towards new ‘ergonomic first’ design models that focus on the relationship between individuals and the workspace. We are increasingly hearing about ‘activity-based workplaces’, in... Read more
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02 March 2022

Reception: empower company identity

First impressions are important. This philosophy also applies to office space, in particular reception areas, the calling card of any company. Visually interesting, comfortable and well-designed, creating an attractive and functional reception area is fundamental in creating opportunities to involve visitors and employees. It is a theme that is often underestimated and that is, on... Read more
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17 February 2022

Office design by virtual reality

Virtual reality is radically changing the way in which the office is designed and experienced. We are increasingly hearing about “virtual workplaces”, in other words, interconnected virtual spaces in which technology is no longer just a method of facilitating the work experience, but rather an essential part of that experience. Online search trend for the... Read more
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31 January 2022

Trust, environment and wellness amongst the ingredients for creating a “great place to work”

For many companies, investing in attention to the work environment and the interiors in which people spend their time represents a factor of added value and recognisability. The setting is completed by corporate culture, vision, values and policies, helping to create attractive, high-performance offices in which employees can feel that they are at the focus... Read more
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11 January 2022

Biophilic workspace: 14 design models for creating “green” offices

In the last ThinkLab article, “Office design: trends and solutions for more sustainable workspaces”, we explored the opportunities offered by biophilic design, introducing a trend-setting solution in the world of office planning. Today we will discuss approaches and concrete solutions for introducing biophilics into corporate premises, highlighting fourteen design models that are based on the... Read more
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20 December 2021

Office design: trends and solutions for more sustainable workspaces

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are living in the “indoor generation” era, in other words the generation that spends most of its time in indoor spaces. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) titled “Ambient Air Pollution: a global assessment of exposure and burden of disease”, in the... Read more
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