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31 May 2021

Office design: turn your office into a work of art

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is no longer simply important, it is now considered as fundamental. In this sense, art can help to shape office design. In this article we will examine this question, and many others, analysing the key points on which to focus in order to create stirring and experiential workspaces, providing suggestions for... Read more
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28 April 2021

The future of the office lies in innovation

Act now to envisage the future. This is the new frontier for companies aiming to survive an ever-increasingly competitive market, where the focus is no longer on the product as an end in itself, but rather on an innovative approach to the design of furnishings. Innovation does not mean the creation of new products, but... Read more
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19 April 2021

Hot desking: a new way to experience the office

Hot desking: what is it? Hot desking is a completely new way of working in the office. It represents a system for the organisation of workspaces in which desks are not permanently assigned, but rather are used every day by different employees. Employees are not allocated a specific position and can choose where to sit... Read more
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