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15 July 2021

Twelve new concepts for redesigning the office

Offices are developing in the wake of new models of behaviour and new approaches to work that are gradually changing the habits, needs and activities of personnel, in addition to those of the people who are involved in the management of corporate human resources. In this area, there are opposing forces that oscillate between inclusive... Read more
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24 June 2021

Planning and design for the improvement of air quality in the office

As a result of the lockdown and restrictions linked to the pandemic emergency, during recent months we have been forced to stay within enclosed environments for most of our daytime hours. This has inevitably had certain effects on us and on the locations where we often spend time, offices above all. Social distancing and the... Read more
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16 June 2021


We are all aware that technology is increasingly present both in everyday life and at work. While on one hand it can help us in performing our roles, on the other, if it is not managed effectively, it can prove to be counterproductive and have a negative influence not only on people’s wellness, but also... Read more
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