15 September 2023

Nano-ergonomics; the office-comfort revolution

Innovation and ergonomics. The office of the future is evolving along these two lines. On the one hand, new technology is revolutionising approaches to planning and the outcomes of space design. On the other, “well-being” is ever increasingly seen as an essential factor in the office context. Then there is the scientific dimension, with the... Read more
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12 July 2023

Podcast room: the perfect balance of acoustic comfort and design

Contemporary language, which is ever increasingly digital and multimedia, has adopted a new concept, the “podcast”, which overturns the very concept of audio and its use. This has led to a new need for businesses to create dedicated spaces within their premises where this new form of content can be developed and produced. According to... Read more
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26 June 2023

GREENTUDE, a new approach to office design

In a world that is increasingly oriented towards sustainability, planners, architects and designers are progressively developing a new approach to office design that takes into account increased responsibility and care for the environment, clear and measurable metrics and a specific focus on the well-being of individuals. This is “GREENTUDE – Green Attitude”, a veritable inclination... Read more
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08 May 2023

“Amenity offices” and the sustainable work revolution

In recent years, companies have begun to experiment new interpretations of the office that respond to the demands of modern workers and that, at the same time, are in line with business and environmental goals. One model is that of the “amenity office”, which integrates a series of both physical and digital solutions to create... Read more
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