11 January 2022

Biophilic workspace: 14 design models for creating “green” offices

In the last ThinkLab article, “Office design: trends and solutions for more sustainable workspaces”, we explored the opportunities offered by biophilic design, introducing a trend-setting solution in the world of office planning. Today we will discuss approaches and concrete solutions for introducing biophilics into corporate premises, highlighting fourteen design models that are based on the... Read more
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20 December 2021

Office design: trends and solutions for more sustainable workspaces

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are living in the “indoor generation” era, in other words the generation that spends most of its time in indoor spaces. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) titled “Ambient Air Pollution: a global assessment of exposure and burden of disease”, in the... Read more
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30 November 2021

“Comfort, innovation, flexibility and wellness: this is my concept for the office of the future”

“I consider design as never-ending, painstaking research, striving for the correct balance between aesthetics, comfort, form and function”. This is what Stefano Bigi, successful designer and founder of the “Stefano Bigi Design Studio”, told us while talking about himself and describing the new horizons of the office design of the future, capable of better meeting... Read more
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15 November 2021

Key elements and emerging trends in “green” office design

Sustainability linked to office design is a wide-ranging concept that involves both structural and design aspects. The key is developing a design that incorporates both visions, creating offices that are not just aesthetically “beautiful”, but also efficient and functional. We have already introduced this highly topical theme within the ThinkLab (see, for example, “Sustainable offices:... Read more
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22 October 2021

Sustainable offices: “human-centric” design as a corporate strategy

In recent years, sustainability and energy efficiency have become themes of pivotal importance in the office design field. Increasing numbers of companies are moving towards a profile of sustainable development, adopting a “green” stance as an approach linked to corporate behaviour and policies, and investing in the renewal of its structures. This is leading to... Read more
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05 October 2021

Return to the office: emerging trends and unexplored directions

Developments in the world of work and stories from the most successful businesses show that people are companies’ most valuable resources. For this reason, innumerable studies in the field of design are performed with a focus on individuals, who are resources capable of sharing values, emotions, skills and projects. Today, all this has become indispensable.... Read more
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15 September 2021

Journey to the centre of the office: introducing Activity-based working

We have already stressed repeatedly that sharing is a key factor in the present-day office and for that of the future, and that it is pivotal in encouraging a consolidated “corporate community”. We have already approached this theme in our blog, from various points of view (for example, in “Twelve new concepts for redesigning the... Read more
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30 July 2021

Scenarios and outlooks for the office of the future

In today’s complex scenario, the context of life in the office is coalescing around certain points of reference. On one hand, there is the need to return to working safely in physical presence, and on the other there is the phenomenon of remote working, while yet another possibility comprises coworking and office sharing. These dynamics... Read more
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15 July 2021

Twelve new concepts for redesigning the office

Offices are developing in the wake of new models of behaviour and new approaches to work that are gradually changing the habits, needs and activities of personnel, in addition to those of the people who are involved in the management of corporate human resources. In this area, there are opposing forces that oscillate between inclusive... Read more
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24 June 2021

Planning and design for the improvement of air quality in the office

As a result of the lockdown and restrictions linked to the pandemic emergency, during recent months we have been forced to stay within enclosed environments for most of our daytime hours. This has inevitably had certain effects on us and on the locations where we often spend time, offices above all. Social distancing and the... Read more
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16 June 2021


We are all aware that technology is increasingly present both in everyday life and at work. While on one hand it can help us in performing our roles, on the other, if it is not managed effectively, it can prove to be counterproductive and have a negative influence not only on people’s wellness, but also... Read more
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31 May 2021

Office design: turn your office into a work of art

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is no longer simply important, it is now considered as fundamental. In this sense, art can help to shape office design. In this article we will examine this question, and many others, analysing the key points on which to focus in order to create stirring and experiential workspaces, providing suggestions for... Read more
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28 April 2021

The future of the office lies in innovation

Act now to envisage the future. This is the new frontier for companies aiming to survive an ever-increasingly competitive market, where the focus is no longer on the product as an end in itself, but rather on an innovative approach to the design of furnishings. Innovation does not mean the creation of new products, but... Read more
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