22 April 2022
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Acoustic comfort: new office privacy solutions

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In this era characterised by a sharing of space, it is increasingly important to protect the well-being of workers through the designing of areas capable of guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality.

An absence of privacy is, in fact, one of the main causes of employee dissatisfaction.

A study carried out by the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) at UC Berkeley demonstrated that 72% of employees claimed to be dissatisfied with levels of privacy in their workplace.

The growing trend in unsuitably designed common workspaces further contributes to an increase in noise levels in offices, compromising concentration and therefore performance.

The Buffalo Organization for Social and Technological Innovation (BOSTI) has discovered that workers spend the majority of their time in the office (more than 62%) trying to concentrate on doing their jobs.

It has been estimated that it takes up to 23 minutes for workers to regain concentration after being interrupted (source: University of California, Irvine – Humboldt University, Berlin).

Privacy, confidentiality, concentration; it is therefore necessary to take these aspects into consideration when designing offices. There is a need to think of office space in a new light, taking into consideration dynamics from a new point of view, above all making use of furnishing elements and forms of technology that combine highly innovative materials and functions with the requirements of design and company identity.


Privacy office pods

A solution for managing privacy in an open space, combining function and design.

Privacy pods are revolutionising modern offices with their flexibility, versatility and ability to guarantee employees the right levels of privacy.

These are actual cabins, either open or closed, that people in offices can use for moments of tranquillity, to make a confidential call or simply to concentrate without being distracted.


Privacy office desk

While on the one hand, the shared spaces typical of open-plan offices and co-working areas favour dynamic relationships between people, there are situations that require increased concentration and isolation.

One solution to this requirement is the privacy office desk: a flexible and privacy-friendly solution that is also a perfect response to the need for mobility for so-called “local nomads”, an emerging category that favours an approach that alternates in-office and remote working.


Confidential meeting room

There are certain office situations that require discussions and exchanges of information of increased confidentiality and privacy.

An office design project must take into consideration these aspects.

It is therefore necessary to create a workspace that incorporates new solutions that are welcoming and inclusive, while at the same time guaranteeing suitable “protection” for shared information.

The result is the confidential meeting room: a solution that represents a new approach to office meetings, which are rendered smarter, more confidential and comfortable from both an ergonomic and acoustic point of view.


Employee requirements are changing, as are offices, and there must also be a change in the design of workspaces, introducing high-performance solutions that offer quality, functionality, design and technology that responds to the needs for personal privacy, confidentiality and acoustic well-being.

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