08 May 2023
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“Amenity offices” and the sustainable work revolution

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In recent years, companies have begun to experiment new interpretations of the office that respond to the demands of modern workers and that, at the same time, are in line with business and environmental goals.

One model is that of the “amenity office”, which integrates a series of both physical and digital solutions to create complete and diversified workplaces that provide precise responses to business, environmental and social corporate goals.

Amenity offices represent a new concept in which furniture planning is centred on the needs of both workers and the company. This presents a new frontier in which design addresses all the themes of service; these offices stand apart for the presence of spaces dedicated to sharing and team working, including a series of services aimed at facilitating people’s tasks. All of this is integrated with new technology and an approach to sustainable design.

Amenity offices, in fact, do not merely offer technical and organisational solutions to improve office efficiency; these models also focus significantly on environmental themes, integrating sustainable solutions into furniture projects such as, for example, high-quality, certified green products that guarantee the long-term reliability of the end product, as well as advanced monitoring systems that verify the efficiency of workspaces.

The concept of “amenity” is therefore related to anything that is not strictly a desk or a functional space, but rather a design model that places tangible attention on the well-being of individuals and on environmental protection.

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