12 March 2024
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Artificial intelligence in office design

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the office-design sector, offering advanced tools for the designing of ever-increasingly innovative and personalised workspace. This technology is allowing sector professionals to incorporate a wide range of variables into design, ranging from aesthetic to operational functionality, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of detail and precision.

Various sector studies highlight the benefits and the impacts of AI in the office-design sector, which can be grouped into three macro categories:

Personalisation of user experience: this means being able to foresee people’s needs and necessities, creating offices that are perfectly adapted to operative needs and the working style of each individual, going way beyond simple environmental controls such as lighting or temperature.

Strategic planning of space: not only to optimise an existing environment, but also to predict new scenarios that may emerge over time.

Safety and well-being: proactive monitoring and in-depth data analysis can be used to make substantial improvements to the safety and well-being of employees, increasing productivity and satisfaction.

In this revolutionary scenario, human qualities and skills, such as intuition and creativity, continue to plan an essential role. AI thus serves as an excellent support tool, contributing to creating offices where technology and people come together to define new working standards.

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