28 March 2024
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Design for rest: break rooms as a way to promote well-being in the office

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An office break is not just an interval, it is a grand opportunity. Recent research has revealed a surprising fact; 55% of employees who take regular breaks show more enthusiasm for their work, 87% show higher professional satisfaction, with an 81% reduction in turnover rate. How can this information be applied to increase office engagement?

The answer lies in a new scenario, where breaks represent one of the keys to increasing personal well-being and productivity. Between the “how” and the “when” lies the “where”, and in this context, break rooms represent a fundamental component when considering an office furnishing project.

It is here that a significant aspect of company well-being lies, one that is fundamental in a new approach to work that is centred on the individual.

Looking into planning in more detail, it is essential that a number of key factors are taken into consideration when developing break areas. The position, for example, which should strike a balance between accessibility and privacy. Flexibility and modularity prove to be equally important in generating spaces that respond to the many needs of individuals, ranging from socialisation to personal relaxation, and that also fluidly adapt to future changes in the organisation.

In line with a company policy that promotes a balanced use of break time, a break room designed with ergonomic criteria can thus represent a profitable investment in practical terms. It is a fundamental aspect in building a culture that is focused on the individual, with positive impact on the company climate, the retention of talent and on the overall identity of the organisation.

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