15 April 2024
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Exclusivity and flexibility; the new era of executive workspace

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Flexibility, modularity, sharing. However, we need not to forget the importance of privacy, confidentiality and individuality. This is the starting point for an exploration of the new frontier in executive space, which, while taking on the hybrid and open-office layout approach, still bears in mind the concepts of individuality and ergonomics.

While the open-office model has been embraced and implemented by many organisations, there is a growing need emerging for executive workstations, which guarantee discretion and functionality in light of the concept of “individual-shared”.

While on the one hand, shared spaces are essential for group work and for favouring collaboration, on the other, the importance of a distinct and functional approach to working needs to be considered. According to data from the report “Workplace Utilization Index: Predictions for 2024” by XY Sense, the percentage of use of spaces that offer privacy and concentration is, on average, higher than that for collaborative space.

Thus, executive space is evolving, with particular emphasis on personalisation and an increasing focus on modularity and flexibility. This means that in an office furnishing project, it is necessary to examine the question of executive space from two viewpoints; personal and shared, with a view to rotation and optimisation, shifting the focus from “my space” to “our space”, drawing on models such as, for example, hot-desking and contemporary working dynamics.

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