01 December 2023
Curated by: Redazione IVM

From traditional office to collaboration hub; the workplace of the future according to IVM Office

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The futuristic outlook for office design is increasingly centred on people, physical space and technology, a trinomial equation that marks a radical change in the concept of offices, a shift from static space to a veritable collaboration hub.

It is therefore necessary to review and redefine the strategy for the planning of physical spaces, which need to be attractive and technological, and promoters of collaboration and exchange.

It is not simply a matter of furnishing and square metres, but rather of “lending form” to a place in accordance with the goals that an office needs to achieve. This is done through PROJECTS that combine design, skill, function and technology.

The office of the future will be increasingly “cool” or rather “tool”, i.e., created to adapt to a multitude of functions, promoting internal and external connections.

However, it will also be “smart”, not only in terms of technology, but above all in the sense of intelligence, because it will prove flexible in the face of the multiple evolutions regarding the way people work.

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