22 July 2022
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Great workplaces for employee engagement

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Today, more than ever before, people choose to work and stay in a company context in a conscious and purposeful way, evaluating not only the organisational aspect, but also the environments, the existence of spaces where they can relax and share, and the materials used for office furniture.

It is therefore necessary to promote a more inclusive, fluid, well-being-oriented design, capable not only of attracting, but also of making office life stimulating and engaging.

A need that directly involves many companies, called upon to give a concrete response to the involvement of their employees, also through a reinvention of their working environments.

The challenge for companies is therefore to prioritise the human experience. How can office design contribute to achieving this goal?

The key is to create the right engagement, understood as the balance between the human-relational and the physical-environmental dimensions.

In this sense, dedicated measurement tools are emerging in the world of office design. Of particular note is the EENDEED method (Enhanced Engagement Nurtured by Determination, Efficacy, and Exchange Dimension), the result of research by Southwest Jiaotong University and Shantou University, which aims to measure the involvement of workers in the presence and remote areas on the basis of three main parameters: self-determination; self-efficacy and social involvement.

By evaluating the structural and design aspect of the office, these three metrics can be triggered by defining a furniture design featuring by flexible, adaptable, modular environments, where opportunities for sharing, collaboration and aggregation are amplified.

The now obsolete ‘cubicle farm’ offices make way for environments where people can dynamically and unconstrainedly gather according to their needs and activities: from more private and individual areas, such as privacy rooms, to more open areas and living spaces for well-being and relaxation.

The office thus becomes unconventional, a place capable of inspiring, motivating and encouraging workers with a view to improving involvement and job satisfaction.

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