12 January 2024
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Green office culture: the impact of sustainable offices on the world of work

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Promotion of a “green” oriented culture is one of the leading trends in the world of office design. A range of studies, including the one carried out by the National Education Foundation, highlight how the happiest employees are those that work in a sustainability-oriented office context and are involved in environmentally respectful initiatives.

The development of a green and sustainable culture will not only have direct consequences in terms of well-being, level of satisfaction, productivity and involvement of people, but will also help to render the organisation more attractive to stakeholders, and to optimise its market position.

This has been backed up, for example, by a Harvard study that highlights the positive impact of sustainable offices on staff productivity, with a 30% increase over those working in conventional environments.

It is therefore clear that rendering workspaces greener and therefore more comfortable is an advantage for both employees and the companies themselves.

However, a green culture is achieved above all through people. In this light, it is necessary to design increasingly “humanised” workspaces, which allow individuals to become the true protagonists in office design. This vision requires the creation of “relax space” and “break rooms” designed specifically for well-being, with a particular focus on design and therefore on themes related to materials used for furniture finishes, thermal and acoustic insulation, lighting and air quality.

In this manner, sustainable offices represent a veritable driver for change that far-sighted organisations will seek and will increasingly often commit to creating in the near future.

If you have lost track of the trends characterising green offices, please read this article by ThinkLab.

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