26 June 2023
Curated by: Redazione IVM

GREENTUDE, a new approach to office design

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In a world that is increasingly oriented towards sustainability, planners, architects and designers are progressively developing a new approach to office design that takes into account increased responsibility and care for the environment, clear and measurable metrics and a specific focus on the well-being of individuals.

This is “GREENTUDE – Green Attitude”, a veritable inclination to see the office as a fluid and dynamic environment in which “functionality” plays a central role in a complex ecosystem composed of sustainable spaces that adapt to operational functions and company requirements.

In this perspective, the word “sustainability” is a promise. A project, a product or an idea becomes sustainable in the very moment in which it satisfies current demands, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.

Deciding to approach an office furnishing project with a Green Attitude may provide a number of advantages for clients, from an environmental point of view as well as in terms of social and economic aspects. The use of sustainable materials and the implementation of solutions for employee well-being can improve the reputation of the company and production performance, as well as contribute to attracting potential talents or motivating more qualified figures.

We can therefore see Greentude as an innovative approach that opens new horizons in the world of office design, introducing models for the organisation of spaces that are more open, interconnected and intergenerational, and that offer better performance.


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