05 May 2022
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Identity and a sense of belonging; five creative ideas for office walls

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An organised working space focused on employee well-being is essential for creating a successful business.

Organise, subdivide, isolate. Welcome, group, communicate. The “open space” era has led to the need to redefine the balance between individual and shared space, combining the need for interaction with requirements of individual privacy.

A fundamental role in reconfiguring space is played by walls.

Walls divide and unite, transforming office environments into places that are rich in identity and personality, combining design, quality, elegance, creativity and versatility.

In this article from ThinkLab, we explore five creative ideas for office walls. These are inspiring and stimulating solutions that can improve the aesthetics of the workplace, and also serve to foster collaboration and increase personal well-being.

Green walls

One solution, multiple advantages. On the one hand, sustainability; green walls naturally remove carbon dioxide and offer an excellent solution for improving office air quality. They also serve as insulation, thus helping to reduce energy costs. On the other, they also have an impact on performance; green walls help to reduce mental fatigue, improve attention and increase employee productivity.


Writable office walls

Ample space for great ideas. At times, traditional office tools are not enough for sharing ideas and projects. Some ground-breaking solutions also include walls with surfaces that can be written on. An excellent tool for sharing notes and ideas, and for encouraging brainstorming.


Inspirational office walls

Motivate and connect, encouraging cooperation. Function meets inspiration. In this sense, walls are an evocative tool that can stimulate the development and the sharing of new ideas.


Portoflio walls

In accordance with the relative company activity, walls can also serve as a means to highlight projects, collaborations and results, expressing authority and increasing awareness of the company for its visitors.


Office art walls

Aesthetics, design, quality, well-being. These are some of the elements offered by “office art walls”.

These are solutions of extreme visual impact, rendering the office a livelier environment and improving individual well-being.

According to research carried out by the Project Zero at Harvard University, art fosters social interaction, stimulates emotional response, facilitates the creation of personal connections, improves the atmosphere in the workplace and favours learning.


Five ideas, a range of opportunities for configuration, which can serve as suggestions for designers, architects and planners in defining a furnishing project.

Each offering specific functions, performance, technologies and designs according to needs and goals.

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