15 September 2023
Curated by: Redazione IVM

Nano-ergonomics; the office-comfort revolution

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Innovation and ergonomics. The office of the future is evolving along these two lines.

On the one hand, new technology is revolutionising approaches to planning and the outcomes of space design. On the other, “well-being” is ever increasingly seen as an essential factor in the office context.

Then there is the scientific dimension, with the increasing use of nanotechnology applied to office design, which has led to the emergence of new dynamics in research, analysis and workspace design.

Can nanotechnology and well-being move forward together? The answer is yes, if ergonomics is seen as a discipline oriented towards design. In fact, the very concept of ergonomics evolves progressively with the development of technology.

This leads to the emergence of nano-ergonomics, a new viewpoint that promises to revolutionise the way in which we conceive the workspace, creating more sustainable and comfortable workplaces.

Applied to the world of office design, nanotechnology can contribute to the creation of advanced solutions with unique properties that can be used to develop new concepts of support, adjustment, aesthetics and comfort, such as ergonomic seating, partitions with improved acoustic and energy insulation, and furnishings that reduce eye strain.

The use of nanotechnology and nanomaterials therefore appears to represent a new challenge in the development of the relationship between humans and technology that is capable of presenting new opportunities in the field of office design.

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