31 May 2021
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Office design: turn your office into a work of art

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Creating a welcoming atmosphere is no longer simply important, it is now considered as fundamental. In this sense, art can help to shape office design.

In this article we will examine this question, and many others, analysing the key points on which to focus in order to create stirring and experiential workspaces, providing suggestions for turning offices into true works of art.

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The impact of art in people’s lives

Art has always been used as a means to enrich a range of environments, but it also has other uses. Over the years, the perception of this source of culture and beauty has changed, evolving from a purely aesthetic instrument to a way to improve people’s lives.

So why not begin to implement it in offices?

Everyone has found themselves at some time lost in the search for the right idea or the perfect phrase to write in an email, or simply feeling tired and listless, faced by a white wall.

In these situations, focusing on the colours and figures in a work of art can help us to remain calm, and can contribute to reducing stress levels in the office.

All of this is in addition to the fact that art helps to render working spaces more cheerful, colourful and “lived-in”, and this is known to have a positive effect on people’s well-being.


The impact of art in the office

The benefits of having art in the company have a positive effect on people’s psychological and physical well-being, motivating creativity and rendering workspaces more inclusive and social.

According to research carried out by Viking Italia in a number of countries including Italy, Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany, the majority of European workers consider it important for the environments in which they work to display pieces of art.

In Italy, as many as 90% of the people interviewed consider art in the workplace to be important.

The reason why Italian workers appreciate the presence of works of art in the office lies in the effects that this can have on personal well-being:

83% believe that art reduces stress in the workplace, 79% feel that it increases feelings of happiness and 81% maintain that it stimulates productivity and creativity.

Bolstered by the culture and artistic beauty of our country, Italy is one of the first countries in Europe to promote the presence and the importance of art in the office.


Is art good for business?

The impact of art is not confined exclusively to the well-being of employees; it is also good for business and contributes to transmitting a positive image of the structure and brand to clients and employees.

Research carried out by the Exeter University School of Psychology has shown that employees working in a designer atmosphere enriched with works of art are not only happier, but also up to 32% more productive.

The research involved more than 2,000 employees in a series of studies that examined behaviour and productivity within workspaces.


Create unique and exclusive professional experiences

After months of work carried out mainly under a regime of smart-working, people are ever-increasingly returning to company offices, experiencing an inevitable and emotional period of transition. Safety and the need to feel that one is in a protected environment are two fundamental aspects that companies are having to manage.

In this scenario, office design can help to provide a relaxing and comforting experience for those returning to in-office working. Displaying works of art helps to render the passage from working at home to returning to the office more pleasant.

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Connect to the brand through an “artistic experience”

The most innovative organisations link the design of their offices to the history of the brand, creating a visual representation that expresses who they are and what they represent.

Murals, sculptures, paintings and installations are just some of the examples of works that can enhance the areas of a company. In meeting rooms, executive spaces or in waiting or relaxation areas, art stimulates conversation between people, creating a connection with your company’s identity.

In conclusion, placing a work of art in the office should not be restricted to a merely aesthetic act, but should be in harmony with the identity and values of the company, whether it be collections of art or simple installations.

One thing is certain, bringing art into a professional environment is one of the ways to improve the well-being of the people who work there.


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