12 July 2023
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Podcast room: the perfect balance of acoustic comfort and design

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Contemporary language, which is ever increasingly digital and multimedia, has adopted a new concept, the “podcast”, which overturns the very concept of audio and its use. This has led to a new need for businesses to create dedicated spaces within their premises where this new form of content can be developed and produced.

According to the “Digital Audio Survey”, in 2022 the number of Italians listening to podcasts increased by almost 2 million over 2021, and 2.6 million over 2020. The percentage of listeners rose from 31% to 36%, marking the highest increase since records began.

This has led to the creation of PODCAST ROOMS, veritable recording areas combined within the office layout and characterised by a perfect balance of acoustic comfort, design and functionality, serving as an important asset for businesses investing in CONTENT.

Acoustic well-being is undoubtedly the prime component of this type of solution.

The walls of a podcast room need to be designed to reduce external acoustic interference to a minimum; it is therefore necessary to use sound-absorbing materials and panels that guarantee proper insulation and the right level of privacy.

As well as technical aspects, it is also fundamental to focus on ergonomic aspects; from the choice of seating to lighting, optimising spaces in order to ensure that people feel at ease.

Lastly, the integration of a reservation system via smart app can simplify access to the Podcast Room, allowing all company collaborators to have information on the availability of spaces and better organise their work.

Podcast rooms therefore represent a strategic investment for companies looking to exploit the potential of podcasts and offer a positive environment aimed at creativity and the production of quality audio content.

A touch of design that embraces an ever-increasingly GLOBAL vision of the office, focused on LISTENING and in line with contemporary digital and multimedia trends.

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