24 February 2023
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Sensory offices with an “energising” design

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As well as design, when planning an office, it is important to ensure that every space transmits the right level of positive energy, involving workers in their daily activities.

This is why it is fundamental to approach planning with awareness, bringing in spaces and elements of design that are stimulating, activating the five senses and helping all the users to interact and connect with the working environment from a physical, mental and emotional point of view.

In what way do sensory experiences have an impact on the working environment? How should an office that truly involves people be designed?



Architects and planners know all too well how much personal experience and involvement has an impact on work and productivity. Design, seen as a series of aesthetically attractive solutions, is no longer enough. Nowadays, people are the protagonists, with their own background and their own story. This is why it is fundamental to create a personalised sensory experience that, above all, satisfies demands and expectations.


Control and interaction

People work better in an environment that they can control, and with which they can freely interact. From tactile perception (materials used) to smell (air quality) and sight (type of light); a sensory office needs to incorporate design elements that are able to capture people’s attention, involving them and motivating them to act, also through the use of technology.



In view of this, every design element is an opportunity; the textures and colours of walls and furniture can radically change a space. Colours can have an impact on both the perception of the space itself and on mood, evoking specific emotions and sensations. Lighting is no longer merely functional; above all it provides balance and comfort. Last but not least, art is an invitation, providing a sense of familiarity and rendering a space more personal.

This is an approach that is applicable to all types of office, creating spaces in which people receive positive stimuli and feel at ease.

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