30 April 2024
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The meeting room revolution

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In a world of work that is evolving rapidly towards digitalisation and remote collaboration, meeting rooms continue to be seen as irreplaceable and fundamentally important spaces within the office ecosystem.

According to a survey carried out by XY Sense Workplace, 47% of working activity is carried out in meeting rooms, a percentage significantly higher than the 14% in project space and 16% in breakout space.

These data not only highlight the growing preference for meeting rooms in offices, but also highlight how these environments are vital in responding to the needs of privacy and confidentiality.

We are not talking about simple meeting rooms, but rather micro hubs for encounter and innovation, focused on acoustic comfort, aesthetic coherence and versatility in design.

A quality office furnishing project must take all of these aspects into account, harmoniously integrating design with the demands of functionality in order to define new standards in terms of sharing.

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