30 September 2022
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The office goes GLOBAL

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global office design
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The future of the office is already upon us.

In the age of hybrid working, design, materials and technologies blend to form a new office concept: more open, more participatory, more collective and human centred.

A GLOBAL office with no borders, with spaces designed for collaborating and creating together, sharing and interacting, from anywhere in the world at any time.

The approach to building workspaces must therefore also change, now more focused on the experientiality and connecting design and technology. It is no coincidence that we’re starting to talk about techniture (technology-architecture), aka intelligent solutions designed to adapt to the needs of employees when it comes to ergonomics, personalisation, wellbeing and performance.

In this scenario, planning, innovation and creativity become tools used to strengthen the relationship between the social and physical office environment and to improve the development of so-called sense-making, that is, belonging, union and human development.


Source: Emerald Publishing Limited – “What is a smart office environment? An exploratory study from a user perspective”.

In the idea of a “global office”, spaces take on a broader meaning and are combined to offer custom solutions in which each and every human and instrumental component takes on a precise role and purpose.

From this perspective, the challenge for architects, planners and designers is to create increasingly smart working environments that can go above and beyond the great demand for human interaction and involvement.

And so the office is transformed into a place where opposites attract, where wellbeing improves performance and the concept of comfort becomes decisive and fundamental as a way to imagine and design the office from a wellness-driven perspective.

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