31 January 2023
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Towards office hotelification

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We are witnessing an exponential increase in hybrid working, and offices are preparing to definitively abandon hard-set definitions in response to new business strategies and to new personal demands and habits, placing companies and workers in the midst of a necessary and inevitable revolution.

The present-day concept of work is dynamic and decentralised. People are moving in an ever-increasingly fluid manner between diverse offices and spaces, booking workspace in an agile and connected manner, and raising awareness of the importance of ambience, comfort and well-being in the office. Employees are increasingly attracted by jobs that value their time and their health.

As a consequence, planners, designers and architects are progressively implementing an approach that involves the hotelisation of office space; dedicated environments created specifically for the well-being of workers, and that are attractive and involving, made to inspire and to be shared, are an increasing phenomenon. Then there are flexible “commute-oriented” solutions made specifically for commuters with the aim of encouraging productivity and helping them to feel “at home”, stimulating the workforce and maximising efficiency.

According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index, 85% of employees could be motivated to travel to the office to construct and strengthen relations with their colleagues and share moments of collaboration and leisure.

In the face of this scenario, the office plays an even more strategic role. It is transitioning from a simple “place of work” to a melting pot of experiences and relationships, a collection of spaces in which people can “be well” and have the opportunity to express their individuality, be they break areas, relaxation areas, reception areas or spaces for meetings.

It is therefore important to design global offices in which planning, design and creativity become tools with which to create new operative areas dedicated to diverse activities, each with the right balance of sharing, functionality and privacy.

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